Christianity’s Core Beliefs:

When It Comes To Christianity, There Is No Shortage Of Beliefs. As A Result, The Following Set Of Convictions Is Shared By All Christians. A Large Number Of Christian Denominations Hold These Ideas To Be The Foundation Of Their Religion.

A Few Christian Faiths Do Not Embrace Some Of These Doctrines, So Be Aware Of This. These Teachings, However, Are Not Without Modifications, Exceptions, And Additions, Depending On The Religion Group.

What Kind Of Being Is God?

As With Other Religion, Christianity Has Its Own Concept Of God.

Christians Believe That There Is Only One God, And That God Is Called “Jesus Christ.”

All-Powerful (All-Powerful)

Being Everywhere At The Same Time (Everywhere)

Infinitely Perceptive (All-Knowing)

The All-Loving Transcendent Omnibenevolence (Outside This World)

Everlasting And Eternally Existent

In Christian Theology, These Are The Attributes Of God.


There Is Only One God, But Three Persons: Father, Son, And Holy Spirit.

There Is No Greater Source Of Life Than God, The Father.

Son Of God, God The Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ

In Church Liturgies, The Holy Trinity Is Often Invoked As A Symbol Of The Christian Faith. It Is In Reality Common For Catholics To Begin And Conclude Their Prayers With, “In God’s Name We Pray…”.

Why Do Christians Believe In The Trinitarian Doctrine?

The Old And New Testaments Of The Bible Serve As The Foundation For The Trinitarian Faith. The Following Three Sections Serve As A Good Starting Point:

Genesis Is The Beginning Of The Storey Of The Universe.

The Bible’s Account Of Creation, Found In The Book Of Genesis, Is Another Foundational Christian Doctrine.

The Cosmos Was Created By God. As A Result, It Didn’t Matter How It Was Done; He Was In Control. As A Result, God Is The Primary Designer Of That Creation. The Origins Of The Universe May Be Traced Back To:

The Beginning Of The Universe, Which Includes The Earth And All Of Its Inhabitants.

Adam And Eve, The First Humans, Were Tempted By Satan’s Temptations.

Humanity’s Fall From Grace

It May Be Summarised In This Manner, According To Jesus’ Teachings: God Is Love. God Made Everyone Of Us In His Own Image And Likeness. In Other Words, Each Individual Has A Need For And A Right To Love.

Following The Ten Commandments Is Also A Requirement For Christians. These Are The Commandments Found In Exodus 20:2-17:

Other Than Me, You Have No Right To Pray To Other Deities.”

That Whatsoever You Do Shall Not Be In Vain.

Remember The Sabbath And Keep It Sacred…”

Honour Your Father And Mum…

“You Are Not Allowed To Kill.”

It Is Forbidden For You To Commit Adultery.

Not To Steal: “You Must Not.”

It’s Forbidden To Tell A Liar About Your Neighbour.

Your Neighbor’s Home, As Well As Everything That Is Your Neighbor’s Property, Is Forbidden.

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