That Which Is Central To Christian Faith

Christianity Is A Religion In What Ways? 

What Are The Christian Faith’s Fundamental Beliefs?

Christianity Is One Of The World’s Oldest Religions, With Its Principles And Theology Dating Back Thousands Of Years. Due To Its Global Appeal, It Is Practised In Many Different Ways. We’ll Examine The Fundamental Beliefs That Unite Christians Around The World In This Wiki.

In Line With Christian Orthodoxy:

In Addition To The Apostles Creed, This Summary Of Christian Beliefs Reveals What Christians Believe:

There Is Only One Triune Deity. The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ From The Dead Fulfilled God’s Plan To Save Humanity From Its Own Destruction.

Death And Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

In Christian Symbolism, The Cross Is Prominent.

The Christian Faith’s Teachings Are Defined As:

Christian Theology Is Inevitable When Debating Christianity’s Fundamental Beliefs. To Begin, What Does The Term “Doctrine” Mean?

According To Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary Of Biblical Theology, Doctrine Is “The Full Collection Of Basic Theological Principles That Define And Explain That Message” In Its Definition.

Three Of The Most Important Christian Creeds Are The Apostles’ Creed, The Nicene Creed, And The Athanasian Creed. Collectively, They Provide A Fairly Comprehensive Account Of Orthodox Christian Doctrine. Though They Agree With Its Content, Many Churches Do Not Recite The Creeds, Even If They Do So.

“I Believe In God,” The Apostles Wrote. “He Is The Father Almighty And The Creator Of Heaven And Earth.”

I Have Complete Confidence In Jesus Christ, God’s Only Son And Our Lord. There Were No Human Hands Involved In Mary’s Conception And Birth.

Upon His Death, Pontius Pilate Buried Him In The Ground, Where He Would Spend Eternity.

After His Ascension To Heaven, He Was Granted Access To The Throne Of The Father.

The Dead And The Living Will Be Judged By Him When He Returns From His Current Location.

A Catholic, I Believe In The Holy Catholic Church, The Communion Of Saints, Forgiveness Of Sins, The Resurrection Of The Body, And Life Eternal.


Our Faith Rests On The Nicene Creed’s Declaration That There Is Only One True God.

Nothing Exists Apart From God’s Design.

Our God And Savior Is Jesus Christ.

One And Only Son Of The Living God, Born Of The Father From All Eternity

God Comes From God, Light Comes From Light, And The Only True God Comes From The Only True God.

Inherently Linked To The Father, Not A Product Of A Factory

To Save Us From Our Sins, He Descended From The Heavens.

He Was Made A Man By The Holy Spirit After Being Born Of The Virgin Mary.

For Our Own Good, Pontius Pilate Had Him Crucified.

He Was Laid To Rest After A Short But Eventful Life.

On The Third Day, He Rose From The Dead, As Predicted In The Bible.

He Ascended To The Right Hand Of The Father, Where He Now Sits On The Throne Of Power.

His Grandeur Will Allow Him To Judge Both Living And Deceased Alike When He Returns

His Reign Will Be Eternal.

We Believe That God’s Holy Spirit Is Our Source Of Life And That He Is Our Saviour And Our Lord.

Where The Father’s Footsteps Are Followed (And The Son),

Along With God The Father And God The Son, He Is Revered.

In The Prophets, A Representative Of God Has Spoken.

It Is Our Belief That There Should Be One Apostolic And Catholic Church.

One Baptism Is All That Is Required For Salvation.

We Believe In The Resurrection Of The Dead And The Creation Of A New World. Amen.

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