The Creed Of The Athanasians:

Anyone Who Wants To Be Saved Must First And Foremost Adhere To The Catholic Religion; If He Or She Fails To Do So, He Or She Will Undoubtedly Die In The Hereafter.

Catholicism Holds That We Worship One God In The Trinity, And The Trinity As A Whole; We Do Not Confound The Persons Nor Divide Their Substance; There Is One Person Of The Father, Another Of The Son, And A Third Of The Holy Spirit; But Their Divine Nature Is One, Their Glory Equal, Their Majesty Is Coeternal, And They Are All Coexisting In The Trinity.

All Three Are Of The Same Essence As The Father, Son, And Holy Spirit, And They Are All Uncreated In The Same Way. The Father, The Son, And The Holy Spirit Are All Infinite In Their Own Right. The Father, Son, And Holy Spirit Are All Everlasting Beings.

However, There Are Not Three Eternals, But Only One Eternal; Just As There Are Not Three Uncreated Creatures, But Only One Infinite Entity. In The Same Way, The Father, Son, And Holy Spirit Are All Almighty, Yet There Are Only Three Almightys.

As A Result, The Father, Son, And Holy Spirit Are All Gods. However, There Is Only One God, And Not Three. There Are Three Lords: The Father, Son, And Holy Spirit. However, There Is Only One Lord. To Suggest There Are Three Gods Or Three Lords Is Banned By Catholicism In The Same Way That We Are Obliged By Christian Truth To Acknowledge Just One Person As God And One Person As Lord.

Neither The Father Nor The Son Were Created, Nor Were They Conceived By Anyone Else. The Son Was Not Manufactured Or Created, But Was Conceived By The Father. The Holy Spirit Is Not Manufactured, Generated, Or Born, But Proceeds From The Father And The Son.

In This Trinity, There Is No First Or Second Or Third, But All Three Are Coequal And Coeternal With One Another, As Has Previously Been Said. As A Result, Both The Unity Of The Trinity And The Unity Of The Trinity Themselves Must Be Revered In All Their Aspects As Has Already Been Stated. In Order To Be Saved, One Must Conceive About The Trinity In This Way.

In Order To Be Saved Eternally, He Must Believe In Jesus Christ’s Incarnation As Well.

Because Of This, We Have The True Faith And Acknowledge That Jesus Christ, The Son Of God, Is Both God And Man, As We Believe. He Is The Son Of God, Born Of The Father’s Essence Before Time Began. Born Of His Mother’s Essence In Time, Jesus Is Both God And Man: A Rational Spirit And A Human Body. He Is Equal To The Father In Godhead, But Less So In Humanity.

However, Even Though Christ Is Both God And Man, He Is Not Two, But One Christ; Not Because Of The Conversion Of The Divinity Into A Human Body But Because Of The Assumption Of Humanity In The Godhead; Not Because Of The Confusion Of Essence But Through Unity Of Person. In The Same Way That A Man’s Reasoning Mind And Physical Body Are One, So Christ Is One With God.

When He Returns To Judge The Living And The Dead, All People Will Have To Rise Up With Their Bodies And Give An Account Of Their Own Deeds. Those Who Have Done Good Will Go Into Everlasting Life; Those Who Have Done Evil Will Go Into Eternal Fire. He Suffered For Our Salvation, Descended Into Hell, Rose From The Dead On The Third Day, And Now Sits At The Right Hand Of God The Father Almighty.

If You Don’t Believe This, You Won’t Be Saved; This Is The Catholic Religion.


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